Commercial Satcom Antennas

Commercial Satcom and Radar Antennas

For on-the-move satellite communication (SATCOM), 18″ and 24″ portable manpack antennas are available. These small and lightweight – yet still high performance – antennas are designed to allow transmit and receive application in X-, Ku-, and Ka bands.

The antennas, which are made of seven-piece segmented composite materials, can be setup quickly and transported in a single case.

  • Transmit and Receive in X-band, Ku-band or Ka-band
  • Small and lightweight
  • Designed for on-the-ground use
  • Paint colour can be specified

Please see the below specifications for the 18″ and 24″ manpack antennas.  Positioners, carrying cases and tripods are also available.


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18" Manpack Antennas
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24" Manpack Antennas
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