Custom System Design

Custom RF Systems

PPM Systems specialises in the design and manufacture of custom RF systems, predominately for Government, Military and Defence. Designed to address customer-specific Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) requirements, we can integrate:

Complete systems can be provided for mounted or dismounted applications in land or maritime environments. Applications include:

  • Cellular/ISM bands
  • Commercial and Military Satcom
  • Direction Finding
  • GNSS
  • EMP/EMC.

We frequently integrate our core fibre optic transmission and reception technology within third-party systems or as part of an antenna system that fulfils a specific customer requirement, such as robotic remote threat sensing. These antenna systems utilise our range of off-the-shelf and bespoke antenna designs to provide application specific performance.

Through the use of proprietary techniques, co-location of multiple broad-band antenna elements can be achieved; simultaneously reducing the space required and minimising interference.

Most antenna systems are combined with our range of custom designed lumped element or resonant cavity RF filters, ensuring effective system performance; all verified on-site in our anechoic chamber. Our screened room facility allows us to undertake pre-compliance measurements of our product’s electromagnetic compatibility as well as verify the system level performance of our antenna systems.


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