Antennas for EW Jamming and Surveillance

EW Jamming, SIGINT, ELINT and ISR Antennas

A range of Electronic Warfare (EW) mobile, man-portable and fixed-site applications are available for jamming, surveillance and ISR missions.  The systems have been designed and tested for use in harsh environments, and have been successfully deployed by the US military to attack emitters and combat IEDs.

  • Broadband omni antennas
  • Receive-only omni RF systems
  • RF intercept solutions
  • Directional antennas for tactical deployments
  • Multi-octave horn antennas

Please browse the tables below for the high power transmit and surveillance products available.


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Receive & High Power Transmit Products

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Concealed and Low Profile Antennas

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Surveillance Products

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