Military Satellite Communication

Military Satellite Communication

Military Satcom Antennas

An extensive array of UHF products are available for military satellite communication (MIL SATCOM). Featuring the latest lightweight technology, these products have been carefully designed and tested for use in harsh environments, and are used by militaries worldwide.

The antennas are extremely durable, foldable, can be high gain or medium gain, and fitted to a tripod for rapid field deployment. They are also very tactical, allowing for Dismount-at-the-Pause – reducing setup and tear-down time.

  • Flight-qualified airborne antennas
  • High-performance handheld tactical SATCOM antennas
  • Ruggedised vehicular antennas
  • X-Wing antennas
  • Eggbeater antennas
  • Standard YAGI antennas
  • MUOS compatible antennas for use with next generation comms equipment
  • Accessories include GorillaPods and Pistol Grips

The antennas can be supplied in water-resistant carrying cases.


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Popular Products

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Vehicular Use, Concealed and Low Profile Antennas

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