RF Signal Generators

RF Signal Generators

The IZT S1000 signal generator platform enables the user to consolidate multiple conventional RF generators into one compact, cost effective, flexible, and easy-to-use RF test source.

Revolutionary architecture and a signal processing algorithm combine multiple technologies into a single piece of test equipment. So, with multiple technologies, modulations and frequencies combined in a single receiver, the IZT S1000 can match the receiver test requirements without a costly batch of standard RF generators.

Users can create versatile RF environments for rapid testing and validation of radio systems.

  • 31 virtual signal generators
  • Two independent RF outputs
  • Phase synchronous outputs for diversity and MIMO testing
  • Real-time impairment simulation
  • Modulators for DAB, DAB+, DMB-Audio, HD Radio™ and DVB-T
  • Universal ARB function
  • 50 MSamples/sec real-time streaming
  • Easy-to-use compact setup
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The IZT S1000 allows for:IZT S1000 product

  • Cost effective testing of consumer radios
  • Replay of recorded signals
  • RF environment simulation
  • Phase-synchronous replay of diversity signals
  • Testing of COMINT/SIGINT systems
  • Testing of DF systems
  • Operator Training
  • Chip Design
  • Simulation of LTE and DVB-T2 environments
  • Approved for “TA Part 2 XM band” measurements and additionally for “TA part 1 XM band”, “Manufacturing XM band” and “Presence of Audio” tests


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